Portable Oxygen Concentrator Tp B2-TTLIFE OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR
Portable Oxygen Concentrator Tp B2-TTLIFE OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR
Portable Oxygen Concentrator Tp B2-TTLIFE OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR
Portable Oxygen Concentrator Tp B2-TTLIFE OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR
Portable Oxygen Concentrator Tp B2-TTLIFE OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR
Portable Oxygen Concentrator Tp B2-TTLIFE OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR
Portable Oxygen Concentrator Tp B2

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Tp B2

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TP-B2 mini portable oxygen concentrator can be used indoors and outdoors. Comparing with other items, it is smaller, lighter and more portable to carry out. It can help you get rid of the heavy burden of oxygen tanks. It is ideal for indoor, outing, traveling, driving, fishing, climbing, etc.

This unit can support battery, 110 VAC and car adapter charging. It comes with 6000mah lithium battery, car adapter and portable bag.  When powered by the  battery, it can work 3 hours. When plug in 110 VAC, it can continuous work 24 hours.


  • Product Model: TP-B2
  • Oxygen Flow: 4L/min continuous oxygen flow
  • Oxygen Concentration: 32% unadjustable. (If you need up to 90% percentage of adjustable oxygen for medical treatment, please click here to choose OLV-C1 portable oxygen concentrator, which is more suitable for medical)
  • Power Range: DC 16.8 V, AC 100-240 V, rated power ≤ 30 VA 
  • Item Weight: 1.98 lb
  • Noise:≤50 dB
  • Battery Lasting: charged for 4-4.5 hours, last for 3 hours
  • Working Time: work continuously for 24 hours when connected to AC or car adapter.

TP-B2 Components
portable oxygen concentrator with carry bag and Instruction manual
Carry bag
☑ Power adapter
Nasal tube
Car adapter
Lithium battery

☛☛ Click here to get An Extra Battery for TP-B2 portable oxygen concentrator.


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Ask a Question
  • How to boot TP-B2 after connecting power supply?

    1. Power on. Connect the power supply to the household electricity and oxygen concentrator. Or connect the battery with the TP-B2, press and hold the power switch of battery for three seconds (the indicator on the right will light);
    2. Turn on the power button on the oxygen concentrator. (The power button includes "1" and "0", and pressing the power button to the "1" side to turn on);
    3. Press the white standby button, and than the device starts up;
    4. Connect the nasal tube with the oxygen concentrtor, and you will enjoy our product.

  • What is the role of the glass tube on the nasal tube?

    This is a oxygen tube water collector. Filter excess water in oxygen to prevent customers from inhaling excess water and improve customer comfort.

  • What is the size of the TP B2 tube ?

    Thank you for your question.
    Here is the size of the TP-B2 tube, please chosse our products according you actual needs.
    Tube inner diameter 0.15 inches
    Outer diameter 0.236 inches
    Wall 0.04 inches

    The nasal suction tube is attached to the machine with a slightly larger diameter:
    Inside diameter 0.236 inches
    Outside diameter 0.354 inches

  • What is the difference between the TP-B1 and TP-B2? How much do they both weigh?

    Thank you for your question. We are glad to answer this question for you.
    The difference bettween TP-B1 and TP-B2 are mainly in the following information:
    1. Item weight: The TP-B2 is more portablr than TP-B1. The TP-B1 is 4.4 lb, the TP-B2 is 1.98 lb.
    2. Flow: The TP-B1 is 3L/min continuous flow, working 4 hours for security, but it can power on immediately; TP-B2 is 4 L/mn continuous flow, working for 24 hours/7 days.
    3. Oxygen concnetration: The TP-B1 is 30%, TP-B2 is 32%.

  • Is this adjustable for 1ml to 3ml?

    Thank you for your question. The TP-B2 oxygen concentrator is 3L/min flow, and it is not adjustable.

  • Are you able to use a standard nasal canula ??

    Please clink here to get the extra nasal canula.

  • What is the warranty and how long?

    All our products are lifetime warranty, please feel free to contact us if necessary.
    We provide 30-day return and refund sevice, please clink the Refund Policy to know more.

  • Is this a continuous flow?

    Yes, Tp B2 oxygen machine is continuous 4L/min flow.

  • How long does the battery last after fully charged?

    The battery is charged for 4-4.5 hours and can be used for 3 hours.
    If you need the extra battery, you can clink this link: https://bit.ly/2UwAUct